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The New FCF

Over the next few weeks FCF will be undergoing some major and exciting changes. The aim will be to provide our members with a better facility with the same friendly and relaxed atmosphere that we have always had. Changes will include new flooring in cardio area, New state of the art raptor range strength training equipment, New decor, On site and Online store selling training appeal selected supplements and much more, Our unique work out of the day screen where members will receive a new workout to do each day with instructions, as well as a new front desk set up, New bumper plates and more.

We are very excited and can’t wait to reveal our new center so be on the look out as we will be having some special offers to celebrate.

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  1. Brian Dye - April 1, 2016 12:05 am

    The renovations to FCF have given the gym a bright, spacious and fresh look.

    The new equipment has also given training a lift as well; as the equipment allows you to focus more on your technique, as well as isolating the muscle groups you wish to work on, in a more intensive manner than before. You can’t wait to try the new gear out!

    The atmosphere is still friendly and welcoming; which is great as you would never want to see that change. Well done guys.


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